Skylanta Reveals How He Fell For Comedian Ann Kansiime In 25.6 Questions With Twendii.

We caught up with Tukahirwe Abraham alias Skylanta, the man behind Comedian Ann Kansiime's smiles and quarantine stress reliever. well, we subjected him to our 25.6 Questions. Lets get to know him.

What's your full name and what do your friends call you?

I was born TUKAHIRWA ABRAHAM but my friends call me Sky

What did you have for breakfast today?

White warm-ish porridge mixed with milk, mild sugar, blue band and of course bread (My favorite breakfast)

What do you do for work?

I am a drummer, content creator (

And I have a live band called The Pulse Ug.

Who was your very first crush?

She was called Brenda, she was in p6 and I was in p4.... Every time I saw her in the school compound, I never even went out..... love was killing me😂

Which superpower would you wish to have?

I love to travel so I would want to fly. Trust me I would never sit a day without flying to a new place

How many people do you live with?

2 people

How has the Corvid 19 lock-down changed you?

It has taught me how important family is, I was worlds apart with my siblings and for the first time we bonded more than ever. A Lot of video calls, chatting till late night. This was very comforting.

What is it like being the love of a comedian? And was it love at first sight?

I guess Being in love with a comedian is same as any other relationship, but with a lot of home entertainment,very funny arguments, I cannot spend a day without having a good laugh.

Was it love at first sight?

For us it wasn't love at first sight, we grew to love each other.

Tell us something about Anne that no one else knows.

She loves to help.... a lot, that's why she put up the Kansiime Foundation

What’s the most recent lie you told? Why?

"Lemme call you back in 5 minutes"

I was in that mood where you don't feel like talking on phone and someone calls. We all have those moments

What’s your favorite line in your current favorite song?

"Nze eno ensi tenemazamu"

Tweyagale. Eddy Kenzo

Back to Anne, did you make the first move? If so, please teach us.

Like I said, we grew to love each other so we followed our hearts into each other's arms.... My first move was being there for her in all,and being the best gentleman no one could ever be to her

Your worst three pet peeves in other people are…

1.I give my phone a lot of attention

2.I play loud music every chance I get "repetitively" .Anne hates it.

3. I am a little self centered

Who’s your celebrity crush? (Ugandan)

Already answered

Who’s your celebrity crush? (Worldwide)

Hooo Rihanna nonteera nonyita

What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you in school? :

I wrote a chit to a girl and the teacher caught me and read it in front of the classroom, I couldn't feel my legs for the entire prep

What’s the farthest you’ve been from home

I think that would be USA

How different was your life 3 years ago?

I hadn't gotten this known so life was simple, these days I can't go anywhere without being noticed.

Is there a secret you are willing to take to the grave? Tell us a little about it.

It's that personal, That's why I am willing to take it to my grave.

Tell us a bit about your earliest childhood memory.

I was brought up in a big family, so I remember holidays being something I looked forward to. They were worth it.

Where do you want to be in 3 years?

Definitely still in love with Anne happy, and I dream for the Pulse Ug to be much bigger and better, and for GEN.TUMUKUNDE to be president

In relationships, are you passionate or cautious? How about PDA?

I am passionate and I have no reservations when it comes to PDA ..... there is nothing wrong with showing love to the one you love no matter where you are

Juliana just had one... you and Anne? Fill in the blanks.

Me and Anne not Juliana

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