Socialite Alicia Boss Chic Pays Tribute To Covid-19 Positive Tiger With A Tatoo On Her Boobs.

At the beginning of this week, news strolled on social media that a tiger in the US tested positive for Covid 19.

The news went viral on social media and local tabloids in the US. Many  said that its high time they distanced themselves from visiting the ZOOs.

Back home, Kampala top socialite Alicia Boss Chic has come out to pay tribute to the sick tiger.

She invited her Tatoo artist at her home in Buziga and designed a face of the same tiger on her right shoulder close to her sexy looking boobs.

In an interview with this Website, Alicia tells us that she loves wild animals and when the news landed into her ears she couldn’t sleep. She up to now prays for the tiger to heal.

That is how rich crazy Kampala girls can be.

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