Socialite Sipapa Vows To Buy Off People Power Head Offices' Land.

Re known money bags, Sipapa has vowed to buy off the land on which People Power Head offices sit insisting that People Power leader, Bobi Wine is simply a digital social media man as opposed to a man of action.

After being thrown out of his apartment over rent arrears, Sipapa now boasts of being loaded enough to buy the land in question. The land, which supports People Power Head offices is his preference and he has vowed not to settle untill he has bought it. He intends to construct a house on it.

Taking to his social media, Sipapa blasted the presidential hopeful for being in opposition solely for the sake of showbiz and gaining more and more social media worshippers.

"You are good at Facebook action, I am good at action! We differ alot so please young boy sort yourself asap." Sipapa is partly quoted to have posted on his social media.

It has also been reported that he visited the said land with two armed body guard to confirm the suitability of the land to his purpose.

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