Socialite Zamarad Begs ex- hubby Katende For A Pardon.

Matter of fact the old sweet red wine tastes the best. City Photographer Mohammed Katende’s ex wife that run away from him four years back is on two bended knees begging for a pardon and be taken in again.

Exclusive information we have landed on is that socialite Zamarad Twaha is currently using her parents, friends and elders of the clan secretly to talk to Katende and amend what had gone wrong in their marriage.

A source confirms to us that the mother of twins has had several failed relationship after she parted ways with the father of her twins. She has never been the same, she has tried hard to prove that she happy but all that was pretence- a source talks to us.

Recently, the socialite has turned into an online counselor of sorts. On her social media pages, she has been posting several videos of herself encouraging woman to be with the men they love not all about money.

Just to take you back in time, Katende and Zamarad met on face book in December 2014. Around mid 2015 the following year, the couple shocked their families when they announced that they’re going to wed. Indeed the wedding went on. The next year, Zamaradi conceived with twins.

Shortly after, the couple separated. Zamaradi accused her man of spending nights with different girls on her marital bed while she would be away on duty with Fly Emirates in Dubai.

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