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Spice Diana And Kasuku Cited In Bryan White Poisoning Saga.

Singer Spice Diana and media personality, Kasuku have been cited in a shocking story unfolding how socialite Bryan White was poisoned.

A one, identified as Zalwango Gagamel took to Facebook and revealed how Spice Diana was the only one who gifted Bryan White with a cake on his birthday. The socialite has never been the same since claiming to be ill.

Zalwango further alleges that ever since Spice Diana committed her 'crime', a team of body guards were hired to protect her in case of anything wrong. She further said that what Bryan White is going through must have been masterminded by some big people in the government.

"Spice Diana. She is the only person eyawa Bryan White birthday cake. Era since that day yafunawo ba bodyguards. Ebintu bino byalimu abanene mu government." she posted

Translation : "Spice Diana. She is the only one who gifted Bryan White a birthday cake and since that day, she got body guards. These things were influenced by big shots in government "

However, although her claims seem valid since Bryan White marked his birthday on May. 12. 2020, her allegations could be dubious since Kasuku also gave Bryan a birthday cake.

Earlier, Bryan White claimed that his enemies wanted to send him to heaven prematurely. He claimed he was poisoned and vowed to reveal his enemies should he be provoked any further.

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