Spice Diana Gives A Collaboration To A Random Chapatti Maker.

Updated: Feb 14

Songstress Hajarah Namukwaya also known as Spice Diana has shown her kindness by giving a collaboration to a random young talent known as 'Alimpa'. This comes after Spice had visited Producer Nessim for a recording session, she had one of the songs he was playing and she picked interest in the song and made a follow up where after she met the young man. "I was in studio for a recording session and i heard this song, it touched me and I made a follow up and later asked Alimpa's management for a remix and here we are, " she revealed.

Spice Diana At A Video Shoot OF The Song"Abafuna"

She further appealed to many other artistes to support young talent. "I can work with any artiste asking as we come to an agreement, I urge fellow artistes to support young talent because they need us, " Spice said. The song is known as 'Abafuna' and it will be released sooner than later.

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