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Spice Diana Opens Up About Not Hooking Any Hipipo Music Awards This Year.

Songbird Spice Diana has spoken out her thoughts on the recent Hipipo music awards, 2020.

Spice Diana The pencil sized musician, on being asked about what she thought of the Hipipo awards, she said the awards do not matter. Recently, Eddy Kenzo among other Ugandan artistes were named as the winners of various awards of Hipipo. Sheebah was named best female musician of the year whilst Eddy Kenzo was named Number One Artiste. Spice Diana did not win any award.

The '32' singer stressed that the Hipipo music awards did not matter, rather her fans mattered more. She revealed that she will concentrate on releasing note quality music for the benefit of her fans.

'"I didn't win anything as many people say but those awards don't matter according to me. I am concerned about releasing good music for my fans who have been supporting unconditionally," Diana opened up.

It should be noted that Spice has been very active in the past year releasing numerous songs in addition to staging a successful concert in January this year.

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