Spice Diana Reveals When She Lost Her Virginity, Narrates Her Journey From Grass to Grace.

Spice Diana

Popular Musician, Spice Diana real names, Namukwaya Hajara Diana has opened up about her life story, revealing when she lost her virginity. In an interview with with the media last week, the pencil sized songbird revealed that she grew up with her step dad after her parents separated which explains her name ‘Hajara’ which was given to her by her mother whilst Diana is from her father. "I grew up with my step dad after my parents separated that's where I got the Moslem name 'Hajarah' but my Dad gave me the 'Diana' name so basically I am Diana Hajarah' Namukwaya," Spice explained.

Spice Diana and her mother

Growing up, the ‘Jangu Ondabe’ singer lamented on how life was hard since she was growing up with a single mother owing to her second separation with her stepfather.

"Life wasn't easy growing up with a single mom because mum later separated with my step dad," Spice reminisced. The eldest of four children, she had to hustle and she literally was the bread winner of her family. "I had to hustle for my family and bring food to that table," She further narrates. On enquiring about how she started her career, the singer revealed that she was close to a one, Kavuma of the triplets foundation. She would go and watch kids sing and dance. Her music ghost was enticed and she began writing songs for them. The said Kavuma took her one time to a studio and that’s where she embarked on her music career.

The petite songbird was not shy to reveal when she had her first kiss.

"I lost my virginity in Senior Five," recalled the ‘Omusheshe’ hit maker. On rumours that she bleached, the singer had no words, relegating the bleaching rumours to her haters.  "I don't have anything to say about that because people will always find something negative to say about you, those who know me know me," She calmly stated as the interview came to a close.

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