Spice Diana Speaks Out On Clashing With Cindy Sanyu.

Celebrated songbird, Spice Diana has trashed allegations that she and fellow songstress, Cindy Sanyu have misunderstandings over music awards. Recently, the ‘Omusheshe’ hit maker was crowned as the best female artist at the recently finalized Zzina Music Awards. This did not go so well with the King Herself forcing her to rubbish the Zzina Awards as being a result of only a few judges instead of the whole fan base. Rumors then started circulating that the two are having a quarrel and not seeing Eye to eye. When quizzed on this, Spice Dian revealed that Cindy Sanyu is one of her role models and that is why she declined to fire back at the King Herself. The King Herself has baptized herself as the best in the Uganda music industry, having staged several scientific and traditional music concerts which attracted a huge fan base.

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