Sports Scribe Julius Senyimba Irritates Fans With First Time Bold Head.

Julius Senyimbwa

Julius Senyimba a sports TV presenter on industrial based TV station recently landed himself in hot soup with his un happy social media fans.

Due to Covid 19 brokenness and salary cut at Vision group, the flamboyant and chubby presenter decided to shave off his hair and beards to survive in the current economic hardships.

However, he didn’t know this could cost him heavily. His social media fans that are always on his back have backed off.

They are so irritated by his current looks and some are crying out to his bosses at the station to get fired.

He doesn’t deserve to be on air with such a bold head," one of the fans said.

We are told Julius is praying for his hair to be back and never again to make such a bloody mistake.

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