Stecia Mayanja Grassing, Choking On Debts.

All is not well with once popular musician Stecia Mayanja, she seens to be grassing terribly and choking on debts, to the extent that moneylenders  might soon attach her house in Bunamwaya.

Snoops reveal that Stecia, who has spent several years without releasing a hit song or staging a concert, is living a miserable life and pals intimate that her music career has since gone to the dogs.

It is said Stecia's troubles started in 2018 when she hooked her hubby identified as Abas Mubiru and she ended up borrowing heavily to bankroll their lavish introduction and wedding.

Stecia and lover

However, shortly after their wedding, Mubiru was arrested and jailed over land fraud related matters and unpaid debts. Still Stecia, in order to save herself the embarrassment, is said to have borrowed more money to bail Mubiru out, after he promised to pay her as soon as he was released.

However, shortly after being released from jail, Mubiru fled the country and went abroad for 'Kyeyo', leaving Stecia to not only raise their child as a single mother but to also take care of his debts.

Ever since she stood surety for him, the people Mubiru owed money nowadays keep bombarding Stecia with reminders about their unpaid debts, something that is stressing her endlessly. 

Besides that, Stecia landed in trouble a few years back after her labor exportation company called SteMa International was closed down by police and the ministry of Gender over allegations that it was involved in fraudulent activities.

Following the closure of the company, Stecia was left in deep financial quagmire because she had to cater for legal costs and cough lots of money to compensate some of the complainants, which is partly the reason why she is grassing nowadays.

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