Stella Nandawula Reveals Shocking Truth About Bryan White Rape Allegations. 

Stella Nadawula has opened up about the truth surrounding the sexual harassment accusations against Bryan White.

The former secretary of Bryan White about a month ago had publicly accused faded socialite, Bryan White of rape and sexual harassment in a video she posted online flaunting wounds and bruises to justify her claims.

However, she later withdrew these charges claiming they were perpetuated by Bryan's enemies.

Vivian Mutanda, another former secretary also came out claiming she had aborted thrice for Bryan White.

However, Stella , during an exclusive interview over the weekend revealed that her wounds, which she had earlier claimed are due to Bryan White's torture were actually a result of fighting and quarreling with fellow former secretary, Vivian Mutanda.

"It's true Bryan used to leave us home. We used to booze and because of frustration ended up fighting with Vivian and later take pictures of injuries out of frustration, " Stella reminisced.

She revealed that the pictures came in handy when mafias paid them to tarnish the faded socialite's image.

''We could later use them as an advantage to fight Bryan after being paid by mafia, " said Stella.

The Bryan White Saga, it should be recalled had started going dangerous as Frank Tumwebaze, Minister for ICT had started getting interested in the saga.

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