Stop Taking Advantage of Fille, MC Kats Warns Promoters.

Renown MC and television personality Edwin Katamba alias MC Kats has warned promoters to stop taking advantage of his baby mama Fille Mutoni because of her innocence. Speaking in an interview, the pencil thinned Presenter was bitter with Promoters that claim that Fille had not turned up for some shows yet she was paid. He also talked about Sharpen ( a Tanzanian upcoming artists) who claimed that Fille owes him 1million Ugshs, says that he had not paid a full amount to complete the song he had done together with Fille.

"Most of these promoters are just dogs seeking to bite Fille's eight years singing hustle, if Fille is to do any collabo with an artists in a lower rank than her, its Fille doing him or her a favor therefore there must be high respect from that artiste, he said. "Thhe Tanzanian guy had not completed the payment yet he wanted the song to be out, he had to first complete the full payment, he added. He also said that he will pay back the 1 million Sharpen claims to demand from Fille. "Am ready to pay back all the money if they continue bothering her. "

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