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"Stop Using My Son As A Money Bait", Don Zella Scoffs At Big Eye Again.

Struggling musician, Big Eye Star boss has again faced backlash from his ex, Nalongo Don Zella over their son's health condition.

It is no longer news that  Big Eye is as broke as a church mouse forcing him to demand money from President Museveni to the point of even threatening to sue the him. He claims he was not paid for his music services during President Museveni's campaigns in the last General elections. He has however not been given anything.

Recently, his son, Britton whom he fathered with Don Zella fell terribly ill making him to even demand for his money from President Museveni more energetically.

Britton Diamond on a sick bed

"Eno manja ssente zange mzey aganyi okuzimpa. Eno omwana wange mulwadde kyokka nange ndi mulwadde. Yiiyi Mukama Taata." Star Boss lamented.

However, Don Zella who is currently abroad scoffed at Big Eye. She said that is merely using the son as a money bait to amass  empathy and money. She warned him not to  disrespect their son's condition since he has never contributed any coin to child care.

"Dear Big Eye Star boss,  respect my son's condition. Banja ssente zzo mudembe. Don't ever use my son as your go escape. I don't talk to you. I have not talked to you in years and you have never given me any single shilling for my son since he was born so silaba lwaki obanjiza mu linnya lyo mwanna wange mu mbela jjalimu mbu bakusasule. Njagala nnyo  okusigala mu ddembe  lyange be family yange.  Get well, Britton Diamond Musuuza." Don Zella fumed.

The two are currently on bitter terms after Big Eye went broke and Don Zella prophesied that he will he broke till death.

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