Stop Wasting Government Money On Your Witchcraft, Fullfigure To Catherine Kusasira.

Jennifer Nakanguubi alias ‘Full figure’ has accused fellow musician and presidential advisor Kusasira Catherine of wasting government money on her witchcraft.

She alleged that Kusasira visits Omulangira Walugembe's shrine of Nsangi oftenly.

The outspoken musician furtherly accused Kusasira of selling the welding machines given to her by Museveni to donate to the youths in Kampala, she reveals that she has been selling each at 500k.

‘Full figure’ went on and accused her of not even Taking her husband Fred Seruga to meet the President and snubbing Dj Micheal, defying orders of the President who had instructed her to go with him.

‘Full figure also advused Kusasira to stop witchcraft because its consuming her money. Failure to which she will report her directly to Yoweli Museveni.

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