Sudhir Ruparella Sets Tough Conditions For Reinstatement Of Fired Sanyu FM Staff.

City business man, Doctor Sudhir Ruparella has given a second chance to Sanyu FM employees who had been fired for striking over 25% pay cut. The employees had been striking for three days whilst playing non stop music. This, they said was due to the decision by management to cut their pay by 25% due to the corona virus. This forced Sudhir to fire them all, pointing out that the strike was in breach of their contracts. However, in a meeting between management and the fired staff, it was agreed that staff who wish to return to work must first apply for the jobs again so as to be reinstated. It also reported that management had already received a list of people to replace the rebellious staff. The fired staff said one of their colleagues (Fat Boy) misled them and begged management to let them just return to work. They were however directed to apply for the jobs again in order to be re considered for reinstatement.

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