I Have A Big Crush On Maurice Kirya, Swangz Avenue Singer Azawi Confesses.

Upcoming singer and latest addition to Swangz Avenue a music label Azawi has come with a big bang, she has confessed her romantic feelings for the legendary star Maurice Kirya.

During an interview with a local Tv station, the gorgeous young singer openly confessed that she fell in love with Maurice because of his talent and physical looks.

Azawi says that at any given day, she can donate her kidney to Maurice if it is what it would take to save his life.

She added that Maurice Kirya turns her world, and is very talented which is why she has a big crush on him.

Yes! Maurice Kirya. He is so cute and also talented. I would trade my kidney on OLX to save his life,” she revealed.

The singer has so far released an album of 5 songs but her debut single 'Quinamino' took  fans by storm and it has garnered her a huge fan base.

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