Swangz Avenue, US Top Label Partners For Ugandan Talent.

The latest info confirms US Top music label Black Market Media CEO Cedric Singleton is in the country and has had a successful sit-down chat with the Industrial Area-based Swangz Avenue team to start on the mission.

We have learnt that Black Market Media and Swangz Avenue have been in talks to work on different projects that will pave way for collaboration aimed at improving marketing models, extending financial muscle, exporting quality acts to Hollywood and Far East spheres.

Black Market Media has expanded to 15 countries with the majority in Africa representing musicians, DJs, comedians, recording producers and videographers in countries Swaziland, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Uganda, and Nigeria.

We have established that Cedric Singleton also doubles as a long time partner with Youtube and Vevo which are the world's largest all-premium music video providers based in New York, offering artists a global platform with enormous scale through its distribution networks. Black Market Africa so far has some Ugandan artists signed to their label who includes Daddy Andre, Ava Peace, Uga Boyz, Gentle Junior, Dj Hearts and Selecta Jeff.

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