Talia Kassim Breaks Silence On Rumours Of Being Thumped By Weasel.

Goodlyf singer, Weasel Manizo's baby mama, Talia Kassim has dismissed reports that her lover thumped her rigorously and inflicting scars on her.

Rumour had been grazing its head on social media spreading the allegations that the Good Life musician had turned violent and kick boxed Talia Kassim over mysterious reasons.

She has however come out to trash the rumours while attacking those that spread false news she termed as 'nosense' saying that she does not want to be involved in saga. She pointed out that she has young children who will one time grow up and see the 'nosense' written about.

"Well I Usually never come out to talk or say anything about wha people have to say because I Usually look at it like it’s nonsense but this is getting out of hand for one if y’all have nothing to say or talk about then don’t involve me in any saga please I have young children that will grow up to see all this nonsense one day. If at all I had a relationship with Douglas and I had children with him yes but doesn’t mean it should be used against me each and every time I am very well, happy and okay so please leave me out your news Thank you”, Talia angrily posted.

Earlier, Weasel also trashed the allegations of being violent on his baby mama claiming it was a video shoot.

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