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Tamale Mirundi Set To Start His Own Television Station, Wages War On Mafias.

All is not well with renowned media personality and presidential adviser, Joseph tamale Mirundi as he has been kicked out of the media and barred from hosting any show either on Television or Radio.

The motor mouthed former state house spokesperson has then vowed to set up his own television station and media house to compensate for his misfortunes.

‘Yeee…s. It’s true I am done with NBSTv (One on One with Tamale Mirundi). These mafias think they can bring me down. Me me me? I am a very arrogant fellow, apologize for what? I should apologize because they have eaten corona money? Ejoogo eja bagwaamu. But I am starting my own TV in four months.’ Tamale lashed out when asked about the recent development.

The self-proclaimed ‘Intellectual’ as barred from media houses on Monday both on Top Radio and NBSTV, something that pinched his listeners. He is accused of attacking prominent people in the government for embezzling public funds.

He accused COVID taskforce of being driven by wheels of greed rather than the common person’s plight.

Mirundi claims that Andrew Mwenda, Robert Kabushenga and Frank Tumwebaze are against him, having filed a case of defamation against him and NBSTV.

Mirundi has been critical of both the government and opposition, only defending the first family.

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