Tea Boss Gregory Mugabe Rescues Kanungu Residents With Sanitizers Worth Millions.

Gregory Mugabe, the Chairman Board Kayonza Tea grower’s factory has today led a campaign where he handed over Covid -19 protective equipment worth millions of shillings to different vital institutions at the fore front of the fight against the deadly pandemic.

Gregory, through the media,  Kanungu district personel that included the District CAO, workers at financial institutions, Health workers  especially those at Kihihi Health Center V which hosts the Infectious Disease Control Centre of the area.

His involvement was highly welcomed by the public and implored other leaders to emulate his leadership style that is people oriented.

Through the national task force based in Kanungu district, Gregory handed over sanitizers, face masks and soap detergents resident district commissioner Kanungu District.

While handing over the health equipment, Gregory directed the authorities to distribute the health equipment to each house in Kanungu District.

Gregory’s move came after the presidential address where he warned political leaders especially those intending to content for different political seats not to take advantage of the situation to gain cheap publicity by supplying food directly to Ugandans. He took hid of the directive and went through the authorities.

It should be remembered that at the beginning of this month, Gregory announced his intention clear that come 2021, he will contest for the Kinkiizi west Member of Parliament seat. The race has already reacted tension in Kinkiizi with over five people ready to run for the race.

For a number of times, Kanungu has been a target when disaster strikes. Being a boarder district with Congo and the fact it normally experiences influx of people from Congo due to the rebels distablising Eastern Congo. This has led to the spread of different pandemics like Ebola.

This lead the creation of an infectious Disease Control centre at Kihiihi Health Centre 4. Current statistics show that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, this week auction, an average price of USD1.71 per Kilogram of tea. This shows that Kayoza Tea is still on top of all tea factories in Uganda. This is all attributed to the management of Kayonza Growers tea factory.

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