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“Tell the Truth” Daily Monitor’s Journalist Responds To Buganda Kingdom.

Katikiro Charles Peyer Mayiga

James Kabengwa, a senior journalist and reporter at Namuwongo based media house daily monitor newspaper has come out to respond to Buganda Kingdom especially Katikiro Charles Peter Mayiga over allegations of defamatory story.

In a long letter penned down by the news reporter, he says Charles Peter Mayiga has decided to take this matter personally even after his newspaper openly apologized to the Kingdom over the figure error the story carried.

The story carried an error which we both sorted. Katikiro promised that life would move on but shockingly during his speech to the nation the other day, he brought up the matter. He stated that I am being used to fight his administration which is totally false. Let him tell the truth” Part of James’s letter reads.

James goes on to reveal the dirty past he has shared with the Buganda Kingdom.

This is not the first time, we are colliding. A few years back, I ran a story about some controversies about land in the Kingdom and the Katikiro fired at me. But all in all let Katikiro tell the truth”.

In Katikiro’s speech, he asks the administration of daily monitor to accord them a different news reporter as he doesn’t want to see James in the premises of Bulange.

James is accused to a defamatory article he wrote that US Embassy withdrew its ugx950 grant to Kasubi tombs over Buganda corrupt leaders.


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