Ten Tips To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Work During The COVID-19 Crisis.

As many countries continue to put their countries under strict and loose lockdown, the majority of the populace are stuck at their respective homes as a measure to check on the spread of the CoronaVirus.

Lovers have also found themselves far apart from their loved ones and while it may be possible that your relationship may be losing its hold due to distance, here are ten strong tips to help you brave the odds and help you maintain the strength of your relationship.

1. Confidence.

The first thing to have is confidence. Confide in yourself that a long distance relationship can succeed. The common talk that lovers far apart should be relegated to the dust bin. Accept reality rather than run away from it.  The Corona Virus must have no power over your relationship. This should be a stepping stone to travel to higher horizons in the mountain of your relationship. 2. Talk less.

The saying that ‘less is more’ holds water as far as LDR’s are concerned.  You do not have to talk to your ‘heartbeat’ every passing second. This will bread familiarity and it should be remembered that familiarity breeds contempt. Talking to each other 24/7 may become tiring in the long run and may even make things worse as you get fed up with each other. Talk less, this will allow your partner to ‘miss you.’ Your calls don’t have to be lengthy. Keep it short and sweet asap! 3. Refrain from Assumptions. While doubting whether your partner in an LDR is wholly faithful to you is normal, you ought to refrain from doubting your partner. Flee from suspicions like the plague as this is the genesis of your end. Trust him or her even when you aren’t sure. ‘She is Cheating, It's midnight and she is offline - What is she doing?’ refrain from such thoughts. 4. Do Things Together. I repeat DO STUFF TOGETHER. You are apart. Yeah! But make technology your best friend. You could watch a documentary together at the same time, watch your favourite show on Television, and play online games together simultaneously. After these, you can discuss your opinion about what you have done. This will cement your bond even further as you discover your partner even more. 5. Plan for your future. Failure to plan is always planning to fail. Lay out plans and joke about them. How do you plan your relationship to be like? Are you planning a ‘Kwanjula’ ceremony? a reunion party? Plan something small. Do you plan on constructing your dream house? Plan for your relationship. Your partner will see how committed you are to making the relationship work and will be convinced you are ‘The One’. 6.  It is an Opportunity.

You cannot test the depth of a river with both legs. Start small. See the lengthy distance as an opportunity to get to know your partner better. You can even test him or her on how genuine he is in his or her professions of love for you. If he or she doesn’t show as much energy as you in endeavouring to make the relationship work. It is a bad day! Besides, use that time to exercise, grow a desirable body so that when your partner meets you, he or she is like ‘Oh my Gosh! Are you the one?’ 7. Surprises.

In every relationship, whether an LDR or not, surprises are the royco in your beef stew. No one has ever obeyed all the rules. Pay her a surprise visit after purchasing or borrowing a motorcycle (if cars are prohibited) and visit her. Send surprise gifts through delivery companies. If she likes KFC, send it along with flowers. Be creative bro! 8. Sext.

-The African ancestor is going to lash at you for talking ‘dirty’ with your partner. But these are changing times. Sext your partner to make up for the physical romance. Thus will allow both of you to grow intimate and attached. 9. Make Her of Him feel special.

Different people have different things that make them feel special and appreciated. Some love to be written for a poem, a song, a letter anything while some, who are social media fanatics love to see  their picture on some one’s profile. Either way, ask your partner, know what makes them feel special and do the do asap. 10. Be optimistic.

Lastly, hopelessness is the worst thing that can occur to a man. Always hope for the best that the pandemic will cease and the lockdown. Everything will come back to normal. You are not going to die, at least not now. Your relationship will work, you will see him or her. always see the positive in the negative!

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