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Ugandan Celebs Who Have Failed To Move On From Their Past Relationships.

It is not easy for most celebrities to sustain relationships for a long time. We have seen several celebrities both on the local and international scene breakup a few years after hooking up and enjoying hot romance. Some celebs, like Rema, break up with their partners and move on into new relationships. But there some celebrities who have failed to move on from their past lovers and have since declared themselves Forever Single. They include but are not limited to the following;

Cindy Sanyu

This diva was once in too much love with Mario Brunetti, her Italian lover who bankrolled her music career and she rewarded him with a baby girl. A few years after she lost appetite for him and hooked up Ken Muyisa, a former footballer cum Sangoma. Cindy and Muyisa dated for barely two years when they fell out shortly after holding a Kukyala or pre-introduction, duty during which he visited her parents. Ever since Cindy and Muyisa split she has never settled with another man in a stable relationship.

Iryn Namubiru

She was deeply in love with her French hubby Frank Morrel, with whom they begot two sons. But ever since Namubiru and Morrel developed love woes that left them apart, she has never settled down with another man. Over the years she has been linked to several men, among them former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, Gabriel Epenu , a top loaded Captain, among others, but she is yet to find another to live with.

Desire Luzinda

Bootylicious Desire is currently living in America where she relocated after her music career in Uganda lost flame. Before that she had dated several men among them Franklin Emobour, Jack Pemba, Juma Seiko, Emmanuel Lwasa, Micheal Kaddu, Engineer Misagga ,Ken Ntaro, to mention but a few. However, among them all, the man she ever lived longest with was Ntaro, although he is not the father of her daughter Michelle Luzinda. To date, Seiko and Kaddu still bicker over Michelle's paternity. Despite all the men she has sampled, Desire is yet to find a man to settle down with and start-up a family.

Juliana Kanyomozi

The only man to ever tame Juliana's wild beauty and seductive, sexy body was Amon Lukwago. They lived together for a long time and even had a son together. However, ever since Lukwago and Juliana parted ways she has never had a stable, steady relationship. Save for her  flings with men like Kassim Ouma, King Lawrence and others,  Juliana does not show any signs of starting up a new relationship soon, because she has been single like Forever, even after Lukwago moved on with a new woman and they produced children. She coils in her bed hugs her pillows each night yet there are very many loaded men who are willing to warm her up.

Winnie Nwagi

This bubbly singer has been dating dude after dude after dude but due to her wild character, no man can stand living around her for long. Snoops say she not only beats maids but even her men, so guys like Czarbu and the father of her daughter had to flee Nwagi's violence and to date she is riding solo. Nwagi is a single mother who seems to have declared herself forever single.

Sylvie Owori

The former Miss Uganda organizer made headlines during the days she was married to her Mzungu hubby Pier Munk Nielsen until she produced a dark Child, yet the guy had expected a Chotara. Pandemonium broke out Owori's marriage and the Mzungu hubby fled Uganda. It later emerged the kid resembled former Kampala mayor Nasser Ntege Ssebagala aka Seya so much that Owori was demanding him for child upkeep in millions of shillings. Meanwhile, after falling out with the Mzungu hubby and later Seya, Owori hooked a Toyboy called Malik Kaliisa. who serviced her for a few  years until she lost appetite for him. She has since remained single and doesn't show signs of doing what Rema did after dumping Kenzo.

Judith Heard

This super model had a rosy relationship with Dr. Alex Heard, an American with whom she produced twins. But due to Judith's randy partying Dr Heard failed to contain the fire in her and fled to Nairobi, Kenya, where he married another model. Judith used the opportunity to enjoy life with several city dudes and musicians, among them singer Tonix but setting down with another man has become next to impossible for her, thus becoming forever single

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