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The Good Things Bobi Wine Did For Ungrateful Ashburg Kato.

Barely a week ago, famed blogger and long-time counterpart of Bobi Wine, Ashburg Kato officially crossed over from Bobi Wine’s People Power movement to the ruling National Resistance Movement.

The blogger revealed the news while posting on his official Facebook page. He explained that he had met President Museveni on his farm where he was given five cows and an agreement was reached in which the President agreed to fund his Ghetto Initiative proposals that would see the slums and ghettos better living places.

It turns out however that Hon. Ssentamu is an angel after all. It has come to our notice that Bobi Wine is the one who availed a chance for Ashburg to sit on a plane for the first time in his life.

‘It’s Hon. Kyagulanyi who gave me a chance of sitting my ass on a plane for the first time in my life. He paid for everything for my trip something that would have cost me over 7m’ Ashburg wrote.

The ghetto president also has thrown the new NRM convert a number of surprise birthday parties.

‘One of my friends asked me mbu has Bobi Wine ever paid you something like 500k in cash for the love and support you show him.. I replied no. He then asked me why do you waste your energy on him..’ Kato posted.

‘I told him look, to have Bobi Wine on any party or function in Kampala, you have to cough 10m but the same person (Bobi Wine) together with my friends and family organized for me a surprise birthday party. He cancelled his meetings and decided to spend his time and money on me, It would have cost me more than 19m’

While Cindy Ssanyu performed only two songs on Ashburg Katto’s Ripped Jeans party in 2015, the ‘tuliyambala engule’ singer performed over 20 songs without any payment. ‘Bobi Wine, who was not paid any coin performed more than 20 songs.’ Ashburg wrote.

The blogger posted all this online in December 2017 before his recent cross over to NRM which has infuriated People power fanatics.

One is left wondering if Hon. Ssentamu Kyagulnyi is indeed stingy as Katto claims.

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