The 'Njakubela Mukyaala Doctor' Was A Prophecy, REMA.

Musician Rema Namakula Sebunya has said that her meeting with Dr. Hamza Sebunya was bound to happen because of her song known as 'Deep in love' where she sang a verse that goes ' Njakubela Mukyaala Doctor bwanaba nga doctor' meaning ' I will be a doctor's wife if he happens to be a doctor'.

Speaking in an interview with Spark television, Rema said that Dr. Hamza was not in the picture by the time she released the song 'Deep in love', she concluded that God had planned for the two to be together.

" Dr. Sebunya Hamza was not in the picture by the time I released my song 'Deep in love', I think it was just prophecy, " she said.

She further clarified that she and Kenzo had decided to move on with their lives way back before the public got to know about it.

She also said that she has no idea why he reacted that way when she got married to Dr. Hamza because he knew that she had moved on with her life.

"Kenzo and I had decided to move on with our lives a long time ago and when I met Dr. Hamza, I told him but to my surprise, he pretended like he didn't know I had moved on already, " she said.

Rema also hinted on her daughter's relationship Aamal' ( Hers and kenzo's daughter) with Dr. Hamza, saying that they are great friends and she is glad that she managed to get a man who easily connected with her daughter.

" I thank God that my new husband easily connected with my daught er because it was always my greatest fear but am so glad that they are friends, " she said.

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