The Relationship Between Ugandan Artistes And The Media Is Not Strong, Rude Boy.

Nigeria's Peter Okoye alias Rude Boy has given reasons as to why Ugandan music does not reach to the States just like Nigerian music does. Speaking in an interview with NBS TV, the fire fire singer said that Nigerians do not do much for their music to be out there, all they do is do music and give it to the media to sell it out. "One thing I have realized in Uganda is that Ugandan musicians do not have a strong relationship with the media, back in Nigeria, we do not do much for our music to get out there, we just do music and the media pushes it, " he said. The singer furtherly advised Ugandan musicians to personally take their songs to media stations and not let their managers and promoters do that for them because they need them the most. " I heard that musicians here let promoters and managers take their songs to media stations, that kind of feeling big, they need to take their songs personally in order to build a strong relationship with the media personalities because these people are able to make music sell out world wide. In the same interview, King Rudy also revealed that he will collaborate with Weasle as a way of paying respect to the fallen Soldier Moses Radio. "I will have to collaborate with Weasle and in less than a month, I believe the song will be out, I have to do something for Radio because he was my friend and an icon in the industry, " King Rudy revealed. King Rudy is one of the most respected and influential entertainers in Africa. With a music career spanning over a decade, he has paved way for a number of artists with his experiemce of song writing and producing.

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