• Khinamura

The Truth Behind John Blaq And His Managers' Fall Out.

News about Musician John Blaq and his managers fallng out has been circulating on social media to a point where the singer threatened to drag his two managers to court over his social media accounts.

John Blaq

John Blaq was supposedly caught ‘in the act’ with one of his manager’s wife, something which allegedly induced a fight resulting into the managers nabbing of his social media and passwords.

However, the truth has surfaced revealing that this misunderstanding arose out of the ‘Hullo’ hit maker discovering that his managers had pocketed close to 70 million shillings in the accounts of Black Records where the singer is also a co-director.

It has been revealed that John and his two managers are Kolobe Kenneth and Kitti Norman are actually cousins of whom the singer is the youngest.

A source revealed that the feud was not an artiste-manager type but rather, a disagreement over the directorship of the company where John Blaq owns 20% shares and the rest owned by his managers.

Aiming at resolving the conflict, the two managers met on Sunday proposing to buy off Blaq’s shares. The terms did not however go well with the singer who rejected it out rightly in consultation with his legal team.

 “The general public needs to know that John Blaq and his cousins have agreed to handle the issues at hand by adhering to the requisite due process on how Company issues are concerned. Soon a resolution will be extracted and lodged with the company registry.” Andrew Obama the singer’s Lawyer clarified.

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