The Un Told Story That Caused Pallaso's Beating.

According to reporters in South Africa, Pallaso had a video shoot in South Africa but after the shoot, they decided to hang out where Pallaso met up with a group of friends, bought them drinks and caught a good vibe.

In the moment, Pallaso happened to hook up with one of the women who happened to be married to a violent South African, they started flirting, hugging and taking pictures which alarmed the people around to inquire who the man that was flirting with a married woman was.

News went so fast and landed in to the ears of the 'husband' who retaliated immediately with a group of friends who grabbed Pallaso, and started beating him up and destroyed his car.

He ran for his life and hid in one of the garages, and that's where fellow Ugandans came to his rescue and took him to the hospital.

They say he is not okay but the wounds are not all that bad. However, Pallaso instead revealed that he was attacked by Xenophobic people who stabbed and brutally beat him up.

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