The Untold Story Of How Kusasira Escaped Over 7m House Rent In The Wee Hours. 

Reliable sources have come out to reveal that singer Catherine Kusasira is currently on the run.

Word on the street says that the singer managed to escape from her rented house in Makindye recently with a shs7m rent debt. Her landlord woke up to a shock of an empty house. It has been understood that the Presidential Advisor on Kampala Affairs escaped from her landlord in the wee hours of Thursday and is suspected to be living in Kyanja a Kampala suburb in one of her unfinished apartment. Kusasira is famously known of parading off wads of cash courtesy of the NRM Government where she is affiliated to.

News reaching us from her said landlord indicate that soon or later she will be dragged to court and a hunt for her will kick off. A friend close to the landlord tells us that the moment they land on her, the singer will be made to pay plus the costs incurred during her hunt.

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