The Untold Story Of Singer Chosen Becky’s Miracle Baby.

Chosen Becky

Songbird, Chosen Becky and her lover Dictator Amir welcomed their first child on Monday evening. The news sparked celebration for several of her fans on social media.

The pair immediately named their new baby boy Heather Mutebi Amir and thanked their fans for the prayers and well wishes.

Dictator Amir carrying his baby with Becky

However, an insider from the 'Baloope' hit maker exposed the good news as having resulted from a one night stand when Becky had gone to perform in Masaka, months ago. The source further revealed that Amir has never appeared in public with the musician.

Being an OB to the singer, the two met again in Masaka which resulted into fresh sparks. Becky is said to have developed feelings and started missing periods which induced Amir to play hide and seek with her.

Chosen Becky and Dictator Amir

This however did not last very long as Chosen involved her parents. The same day she gifted her father with a motorcycle is the same day Mutebi was persuaded not to leave Becky;s child fatherless.

It has become clear that the relationship was not intended. It was a matter of responsibility.

No one was mistaken when 'twenty twenty' was declared an exceptional year as Chosen Becky joins the line of artistes who are now having a baby to tickle. They include, Juliana Kanyomozi, Henry Tigan, Weasel, and Crysto Panda.

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