There Is Nothing Like Anointed Oil, These Fake Pastors Buy It From Supermarkets, Gashumba.

Sisimuka Uganda Founder Frank M Gashumba has launched a serious war against fake Pastors, the likes of Prophet Elvis Mbonye, Wilson Bugembe, Robert kayanja, among others for hoodwinking Ugandans with false hope. Speaking in a live video on social media, Gashumba said that these fake Pastors buy oil from usual supermarkets and tend to lie to people that it is anointed. This comes after a complete lockdown on all churches and these Pastors can't seem to reach out to the infected people with Corona virus in isolation centres and yet they pretend to heal the sick with anointing oil . The analyst wondered how these church leaders who have been promising people miracles all the time have now gone in hiding, "They use fake oil from super markets and and claim it's anointed, where in return end up asking for money from  poor Ugandans,I recently heard one say surprise God with a seed that will shock him, like any sensible  human how can you surprise the creator of heaven and Earth." he said. He added that they are fake masters and it is only God who can save the world not these people.

"These fake masters can not save the world, only God can," he added.

However, he said there are some good ones who are teaching the truth.

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