• Khinamura

Tina Fierce Opens Up On Being 'Axed' From Television.

Urban TV's Tina Fierce has opened up on information making rounds on social media that she was axed and her contract terminated from Urban Television due to cyber bullying.

Tina Fierce had been hosting the Scoop on Scoop show that socialite Sheilah Gashimba accused of tarnishing her image and spreading false information.

Only few days ago, the show took a season break, something that was interpreted as a win on the part of Sheilah Gashumba.who had been at war with Tina Fierce over cyber bullying.

However, Tina has cleared the air saying that she was never fired. Instead, she will be back again to work for her fans.

"So, to my day ones...the show will be back but I will be one bigger fool if I don't see through this till the end. Sheilah Gashumba, you wanted to go legal. Let's.  To my fans and to the fans of the show, am good and we shall be back after. Love you all" Tina said on her socials.

She also revealed that different organs are investigating Sheilah Gashumba's accusations as she is patient to hear the truth.

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