Tooro Queen Meets Son-In- Law Over Failing Relationship With Daughter.

Recently, we reported that Tooro Kingdom Princess Ruth Komuntale Nsemere and her on and off boyfriend Philip Anthony were no longer seeing eye to eye after an alleged infidelity claims.

When the news landed into Tooro Queen Best Kemigisa, it was revealed that she boarded the next plane and flew to America to intervene before matters could accelerate.

A source told us that Queen mother, son in law and Komuntale have been in closed door meetings for close to two days and yesterday, the couple came out a statement through pictures.

They went on the streets of Las Vegas and painted the city red.

Before the photoshoot though, she was spotted having a quality time with Phil Anthony in Las Vegas.

Following a sour love-life in the past, everything seems to finally be falling in line for Ruth Komuntale. She is lost deep in love with her fiance Phil Anthony.

On 22nd February 2020, she celebrated her thirtieth birthday and she seemed to only thank Anthony for being the rock on which her life has been built in recent years.

The 30-year-old princess has always revealed how life has changed for the better since she met Phil Anthony and that she does not imagine spending the rest of her life with any other man.

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