Top Ten Sexiest Female Media Personalities In Uganda.

The Media in Uganda has earned a reputation of following the ‘beauty with brains’ criteria in hiring Radio or Television presenters among other media jobs. This could explain why Ugandans have not seen female personalities who resemble their fathers. We took it upon ourselves to bring you the current sexiest female media personalities that spice up the Ugandan media.

1. Sheilah Nduhukire.

The former NTV Uganda reporter and anchor threw in the towel and was recruited by NBS Television in November last year. When she left NTV, she claims she worked as a waitress at McDonald’s, a popular restaurant that deals in fast foods in the United States while pursuing a course. The gorgeous NBS employee is blessed with one of the most contagious smiles you could see. It paints a ray of sunshine all over her face and makes you marvel at God’s craftsmanship. Although she rarely flaunts her well drawn body, it is a sight to behold. It’s no surprise that celebrities like Ykee Benda once dreamed of making her his significant other.

2. Lynda Ddane.

At first glance, the NTV The Beat presenter would immediately take you by storm. While many Ugandan girls only get the perfect body that would attract bees to pollinate them in their dreams, Ddane considers it a blessing from the Alpha and Omega and therefore is charitable enough to showcase it. A couple of equally sized lips, two large pearls for eyes and a beautifully sloping nose hang on her well-shaped face sending dreams to almost all Ugandans with a beard or two. She is definitely worth checking out.

3. Diana Nabatanzi.

The Buganda based BBS Terefayina local Television bosses must have not only considered the beauty and talent, but also Diana’s tantalizing appeal. The bummy ‘Kinkiya’ TV show host doubles as an actress. She has featured in local movies like ‘ Bwebatyo and Sikola’, it is unlikely that even the Shakespeares, Oscar Wildes, or the Rudyard Kiplings of the world would describe Nabatanzi. Most of the English words are an understatement as to perfect her overall stunning appearance.

4. Flavia Tumusiime.

Flavia Tumusiime is an actress, radio and television host, [3] [4] voice-over artist, emcee and author of 30 Days of Flavia. [ She presents a mid-morning radio show (AM-PM Show) on 91.3 Capital FM ,a former co-host of NTV Uganda where she also doubles as a news anchor on NTV Tonight news and is a VJ for Channel O. Being a ‘taken’ it is almost impossible to see her in any revealing clothes. Despite this, anyone with a bird’s eye can easily see the bud in the yeast. Her face us an exceptional western masterpiece. No wonder Ugandans shoot Kabuura an envious eye.

5. Prim Asiimwe.

This beautiful petite property of Alex Muhangi is the melodious voice that you hear on Galaxy FM’s Evening rush show which she co-hosts with Lyto Joe and Mr. Mosh. The damsel, although a mother of Jehu Muhangi, who she shares responsibility with famed comedian, Alex Muhangi still looks like she just landed from the sky. Despite being slender, her hips are visibly tempting. Ugandan men will continue to behold as a queen in the beauty world.

6. Lucky Mbabazi.

You know her from her popular breakfast show with Gaetano Kagwa on Capital radio already. She was once quoted to say. “I exercise because I want to look good; looking good is a bonus…..’’ Yes! Exercise. That’s what is behind all that sexiness that she carries around her like a tail comes from. Forget the heavy backside below her waist, her lips are irresistibly drawn. Being a mother must not scare you bro! Keep dreaming.

7. Faridah Nakazibwe.

She is the Luganda news anchor at NTV. To see for yourself, never skip NTVAkawungeezi at 7:00am. The television sensational news anchor hooked Ssali after a bitter split with aging NRM Vice Chairman Al Hajj Moses Kigongo. Despite her age, she is able to maintain her standing among the sexiest Ugandan media personalities.

8. Sheilah Saltoft.

NBS Katchup show is graced by a brown stunning skin, she left Urban Television to replace Anita Fabiola, The slender beauty is well known for her sexy dancing strokes which would send shivers down our ancestors. She is great at smiling and her brown complexion would give you an impression of beholding a mzungu.

9. Momo 19.

Daxx Kartel, Daxx Kartel Darx Kartel! How many times did I call you? Ugandans notice the Mengo based BBS TV presenter in fishy ways. Blessed with juicy cheeks and gifed with sexy eyes, not forgetting the matching figure, Ugandans really wish they could be in Kartel’s shoes.

10. Rukhshana Namuyimba.

Haters may argue, but the talented NBS News anchor speaks volumes of sexiness, not only with her beautiful appealing face, a typical Rwandese body but also with her voice which glues the ears of Ugandans on the NBS channel. Trust me bro! She’s got a smile to die for. A nose that you would love to tickle, and eyes which through their windshields could make you forget life’s misery at least for once.

Well, if you think we probably left out any, please comment below and we shall add them to our list.

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