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Twitter Went Ablaze As Fans Attacked Sheilah Gashumba For Carrying Out Numerous Abortions.

Sheilah Gashumba

Fans on twitter have attacked socialite Sheilah Gashumba saying that she should stop aborting her pregnancies.

This was after the pencil thinned socialite shared a congratulatory message to Julian a Kanyomozi upon giving birth to her new baby boy 'Taj'.

Fans on twitter attacked her with unpleasant replies to her post stating that she would have been a mother by now if it weren't for the constant abortions she carries out.

Others went ahead to say that God's plan, Sheilah's current boyfriend deserves a baby because of the money he has injected in to her.

God's plan and Sheilah

It should be recalled that Robin Kisti, a former colleague to Sheilah at NTV, came out and exposed Sheilah's dirty secrets claiming that she has had over fifteen abortions the fact that she started sleeping with men at an early age.

Also, last year, reports surfaced that Sheilah had aborted Singer Fik Fameica's baby which was four months.

Fik Fameica and Sheilah were rumored to be honking even though they came out and trashed the speculations.


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