Tycoon BMK Daughter And Hubby In Marital Woes.

All is not well between youthful businessman Hamza Ssendiwala and lover Aisha Najjingo Muwanga, daughter of city tycoon Bulaim Muwanga Kibirigge popularly known as BMK.

Snoops say the two are battling headwinds in their relationship.  Najjingo, a boss at the Parliament Avenue based Ecobank head office, has left the couple’s home in Mbalwa is now staying with the kids at her mother’s place in Bukoto.

It has been said that Sendiwala is distraught and sad. According to information we have gathered, Sendiwala was upcountry where he had gone to transact his businesses when Najjingo left their home, taking with her everything in the house.

In a related development, Sendiwala opened a case of police case at Mbalwa police post under file number SD Ref 05/09/10/2019.

It has also been revealedl that the two lovers developed misunderstandings recently after some revelations were made to Sendiwala. The couple has also been bickering over various issues which include their joint properties whose matters have already been filed with relevant authorities.

An insider intimated to us that the two lovers have been feuding without involving their parents. A source revealed that their relationship woes have been kept secret from family members because the city tycoon is not in the mood to be disturbed by relationship issues and doesn’t want to be involved in their private matters.

Najjingo is Relationship Manager Corporate Banking at Ecobank where she has worked in different capacities since 2013. Sendiwala and Najingo hooked up when they were still students in the UK where she was pursuing her Masters degree in Information Systems Management. The two wed in 2012 at Kibuli mosque in a colorful ceremony.

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