Tycoon Garuga's Son Drags Kanungu's LCV Chairperson Josephine Kasya To Court.

As the political fever hits every part of the country, Kanungu District has recently come off as a District with the most controversies.

The latest we have landed on is that the incumbent LCV District Chairperson Josephine Kasya has been dragged to the courts of law on allegations of possessing fake academic documents since 2001.

A one Garuga Alwyn Musinguzi Carl, a son to Tycoon Musinguzi Garuga dragged Kasya to the high court at Holden Kabale with a registered case under Civil Suit No. 0001 of 2020 accusing her of using false documents that she used to acquire the LCV position and has so far occupied the office for 10 years now.

Garuga accuses Kasya of using academic documents of a one Charlotte Rubayiza, Josephine Charlotte Rubayiza, Charlotte S. Rubayiza and Josephine Kasya respectively.

However, in her other academic documents we managed to land our eyes on, the names indicated on her identification card are not correspondent to the names indicated on the academic documents she possesses.

Some of her documents from way back in primary school she registered her name as Josephine Charlotte Rubayiza, Others have the names of the person of Charlotte J Rubayiza.

However, when she fully won the seat for the LCV Chairperson ship, she deliberately changed her names and started using her husband’s name ‘Kasya’ on other official documents.

Garuga alleges that Kasya never passed her O’level and A’level that is why she acquired the forged academic documents for all these years.

Garuga who lead the petitioners from Kanungu District also accuses Josephine to have involved herself in different corruption scandals.

He also alleges that Josephine has managed to led Kanungu since 2001 when it broke away from Rukungiri District because a section of people led by selfish Kanungu business moguls who under the watchful eye she managed to connive with and grab government land bordering the Bwindi Impenetrable Gorilla National park for private tea growing plantations.

Garuga also mentions that Josephine with a section of group of rich men from Kanungu have  used the government tea seedling for their own family members benefits, shoddy works in implementing government projects around the district.

With all that, she has managed to manipulate a numbers of residents in the district and other church leaders to remain untouchable.

Josephine speaks out.

Through her lawyers, Josephine tabled in her defense statements where she says that she was born on 1st day of January 1958 to Mr and Mrs Rubayiza and christened the name Josephine Charlotte Rubayiza.

However, upon her primary leaving examination registration, at Kajaho primary school, the headmaster by then advised her to register as Charlote Rubayiza to avoid confusion with her sister whose name was Joy Rubayiza just in case their names were abbreviated as J. Rubayiza.

She also claims that on joining her secondary school at Kyebambe secondary school, she fully registered Charlote J. Rubayiza.  But mysteriously, her surname was incurrate indicated on her O’level certificate as Rubiza and initial “j” was also erroneously indicated as “s”.

She then joined St. Aloysious  Core P.T.C Ngora, Kumi District to persue a Grade 111 Teachers’ course from 1976 to 1978 and completed under the name Rubayiza Charlote.

She also affirms that in 1978, she got married to George Kasya at All saints Mbarara and changed her names to Josephine Kasya in yet to be known procedure.

Today, she claims that her National Identification card number CF58034101KNLC bears the name as Josephine Kasya.

Josephine confirms that despite the inconsistence of her name of different documents, all names refer to her as same person.

The case will be before the judge again next week on Monday.

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