Tycoon Ham Dumps City Slay Queen.

By the look of things, youthful tycoon Hamis Kiggundu seems not ready to settle down to start a family. Reports reaching us indicate that the tycoon ended his secret romps with a gorgeous city slay queen identified as Martha Ainomugisha.

Sources say that Martha had won Hamis’ heart and has been the only known city babe who was regular at the young tycoon’s tightly guarded mansion in Kawuku, off Gaba Road.

Sources say that their affair has been so secretive whereby Martha has been enjoying a lavish lifestyle but things could have changed as you read this.

Martha Ainomugisha

An insider intimated to us that the two are no longer tight and the Kawuku mansion is nowadays is out of bounds for Martha.

It is not clear what happened between them but the fact is that they are no longer on talking terms.

It should be noted that sometime back Martha was in a bitter split fellow slay Queen Anita Fabiola, who was reported then to be very close to Hamis.

However, when Martha came into the picture, Fabiola left the podium until she also landed her current dude Ronnie Mark Mubiru. So it is now considered that Martha is a dumped lover who is no longer in charge of the tycoon’s love life.

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