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"Uganda Police And Army Are The Most Professional In The World,"Samson Kasumba After Night In Prison

Samson Kasumba

Last night, it was a tears of joy, happiness and ease in the NBS TV’s newsroom when the news broke out that their own staff Samson Kasumba had been granted bail from prison.

Kasumba had been mysteriously arrested by Uganda security operatives in plain clothes in the night of Monday at around 10pm.

Upon being arrest, he was told that there are charges that range from subservive activities and treason.

However, immediately Samson was granted bail, he made a brief interview. His words only rotated on the manner he was treated while in prison. He believes there is no professional army and police like one here in Uganda

I must say that the security operatives and police treated me very well and were professional. The manner in how they have handled my matter has made me believe our security is the best in the world” he briefly revealed.


His lawyers say, they have not yet known the exact reasons why Samson was arrested. They await the completion of his case file.

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