Ugandan Actress Faridah Ndausi Clears Zari Hassan's Alleged Affair With Grenade.

Actress and reknown media personality, Faridah Ndausi has defensed South Africa based socialite claiming she has never slept with musician Grenade Official.

Zari and Grenade

The actress who has featured in a number of  Nigerian movies asserted that being friends with Zari Hassan for over fifteen years, she clearly knows her life style.

"I’ve been friends with Zari for almost 15 years but the truth between Zari and Grenade is that the two have never been to bed together," Ndausi said.

She maintains that contrary to reports, Grenade Official is just friends with Ivan Ssemwanga's widow.

Faridah Ndausi and Zari Hassan

"Whatever it is, they’re just friends and there is nothing between them. In fact, Zari is a person who loves to help or reach out to people. So when she comes out and takes on a challenge with an artist, It doesn’t mean that they are in love.Good enough, I was around why didn’t the media put allegations on me instead of Zari?" quizzed the actress.

It should be recalled that the Actress recently broke up with veteran radio presenter and MC  Omulangira  Ndausi and was rumoured to have slept with Nigerian actor, Desmond Elliot.

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