UK Promoter Mujungu Jailed Over Money Laundering.

Reports reaching us from the UK reveal that renowned Ugandan London based promoter Johnson Mujungu, together with his wife Grace Ntolera-Mujungu, have reportedly been sent to jail after being found guilty of money laundering.

Maid stone Crown Court in the UK sentenced them after finding the two lovers guilty of money laundering.

Reports indicate that the couple after they received a payment of £120,000 illegally and transferred it into different accounts linked to them both. It is said that in August 2017, their fraud victim received a call that he needed to pay inheritance tax to a firm of solicitors linked to his late grandmother’s estate. 

Snoops reveal that using street-smart tricks Mujungu and wife intercepted the email and a different account was provided, resulting in the victim paying them the money instead.

When the victim realized that the money had not been paid to the solicitors, he contacted the police and an investigation was launched. Police investigations in the UK later discovered that the money had been paid into a business account owned by Ntolera-Mujungu and on receipt of the payment, it was immediately dispersed into several other bank accounts owned by her and her husband Johnson Mujungu. 

For that matter, the two lovers were sentenced last week after the jury found them both guilty.

Mujungu received two and a half years’ imprisonment while Ntolera was given an 18-month sentence, suspended for two years.

Meanwhile, reports reveal that Mujungu might be banned from holding shows in the UK again because of that criminal record of money laundering and besides that, further inquiries are being done under the Proceeds of Crime Act to establish whether any money can be returned or not. Mujungu is a season Ugandan music promoter based in the UK and was once manager to comedienne Ann Kansime.

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