Unrest Among Starved Men As Winnie Nwagi Releases 18+ Rated Video.

All is not well with a section of social media enthusiasts after musician Winnie Nwagi assaulted the net with an erotic video and several pictures.

Dressed in a highly revealing one-piece suit, Nwagi excited starved men with her shapely body, which made many men exclaim with loud 'Aawwww's and Ohhhhh's'

Inspired, Nwagi went ahead to release other pictures, dressed in a bikini such that most of her tattoed body could be visible.

These however were not as welcome. A section of her fans lashed at her, accusing her of being too old yet behaving like a teenager. Some even pointed out that her bums were better to be kept clothed and not expised.

However, some applauded her for being confident about her body and some men expressed a desire to perform bedroom magic with her.

The 32 year old however is still confident and was able to attack anyone who dared to tease her.

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