Unrest In NUP Camp As Sipapa Sparks Fresh Chaos.

Unrest and anger in Bobi Wine's National Unity Platform have erupted after socialite Sipapa once again attacked NUP offices, firing live bullets.

Joel Ssenonyi, the NUP spokesperson expressed his anger at Sipapa for provoking the youth at the NUP offices and was even angrier when police just escorted him rather than arresting and prosecuting him.

"The fellow who drives this car came for the second time around NUP offices in Kamwokya, provoked the youth there, shot at our gate, and injured someone."

"Police came to escort him and not to arrest him. Uganda Police is Sipapa one of your operatives, and is he above the law??" Joel wondered.

However, Sipapa claimed that Bobi Wine is to blame. Sipapa revealed how, during the time he Supported NUP/People Power, he approached Bobi Wine to ask him for the position of Bank Of Uganda governor should he kick out Museveni out of power come 2021.

However, Bobi declined reasoning, according to rumours that the socialite is under qualified for the job.

Sipapa has since then launched a series of attacks on NUP offices and even threatened to buy off NUP offices land and build his own house.he seems to have the full back up of Police as his constant elusion of arrest is testimony.

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