Victor Kamenyo Allegedly 'Bribed' To Abandon MP Seat Race.

Musician Victor Kamenyo has announced he is no longer in the race for Rubaga North Consistency Member Of Parliament, sources have learnt.

Earlier on Monday, the "sijja" song maker announced that he is no longer interested in running for the MP Seat, choosing to focus on his music career.

He had been contesting for MP, Rubaga North Constituency on a People Power ticket but ditched it.

Sources however say that he was given a sum of ten millions to leave the race for the 'able bodied.' it is however unknown who bribed him.

However, the current KCCA microphone, Abubaker Kawalya however is in the lead in the race.

Kamenyo, who has been struggling with his music obstacles has chosen to invest the money in his music.

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