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Victor Kamenyo Denies 'Taking Off' With Land Lady's Yaka Meter, Also Denies Dodging Rent.

Rapper Victor Kamenyo has reacted to his land lady's accusations of having ran away at night from his rentals without clearing his rent arrears.

While appearing on NBS TV, Victor's land lady accused him of being on the run after he left her rentals without clearing his rent arrears amounting to 3.5 millions since December 2019. She asserted that he ran away in the night whilst his neighbours were in dream land.

To worsen the matter,the land lady claimed he even stole the house's Yaka meter, left water and electricity bills unpaid and although having solicited the assistance of the area Chairman, the 'silina Malala' rapper failed to clear his debts, attributing it to the impact of COViD-19.

"I wonder what kind of a person is Victor Kamenyo. On top of running with my money, he also failed to clear his water and electricity bills. He also stole the house’s yaka meter,” the land lady was heard saying.

However, Victor Kamenyo expressed surprise at the accusations and said that the accusations were aimed at discouraging his voters as he is currently running Foo Lord councillor, Rubaga Division.

"This is an exaggerated story, if you are demanding me why go to the media. I think her mission was to deter my would be voters from voting for me, putting an end to my political career and killing my name. She did not only shame me but also my parents, fans and people who look at me as role models,” he said.

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