VIDEO; "I Like You And Am Single" Bad Black Begs Nameless To Date Her.

Socialite Shanitah Namuyimbwa also known as bad Black seems to be tired of loneliness after splitting with young blood Sky West, she has pleaded for Kenya's music star Nameless' cassava.

Nameless arrived in Uganda yesterday ahead of the "Official Side Chic Day party" which happened at Laparonis yesterday night.

On his arrival, our very own socialite showed alot of interest in him and she asked him to date her. She added that she is tired of Ugandan men the fact they are poor in bed.

"I like you and am single, you look good ( American height), these Ugandan men don't know how to f**k so I want to try Kenyan, " she told Nameless.

It should be noted that Bad Black is currently single because she split with her young boyfriend known as Sky West a few months ago.

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