ViDEO; Pallaso Narrates How He Was Brutally Beaten By Un Known People In South Africa.

Musician Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso is currently in a worrying condition after being attacked by un known people in South Africa.

Jose Chameleon revealed in a tweet that his brother Pallaso had gone to shoot a video where he was brutally beaten.

"Just talked to Pallaso he’s in Danger after Attacks as he was shooting a video in South Africa. We must condemn such violent acts into our people. We are all Africans," tweeted his brother.

Read Pallaso's Narration;

"Am hiding in a garage of a school, I had come along with my friend, but after detecting danger, he told me to pause and wait. As we were waiting, I saw a group of people with pangas, singing in a language I could not understand while pointing fingers towards me, I asked my friend what was going on, he told me to ignore because he also didn't know what exactly was going on. These people kept coming towards me, grabbed me and started hitting me but I faught and ran off, suddenly I was hit by a car, " I am in alot of pain and I wish to come back home safe to see my kids and my mother, Pallaso narrated.

He made this narration crying which proves that he is in a lot of pain. Let's pray that he gets better and comes back home safe.

However, we have learnt that he has been rescued by a one MC Norman who rushed him to hospital.

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