• Khinamura

VIDEO; Sheilah Gasumba Face Off With Crystal Panda.

The war between NTV Uganda and their former employee Sheila Gashumba has taken a new twist after more and more employees of the beleaguered media house joined the battle on the side of their employer.

The “50K war” is far from over as the two youthful TV stars have taken Twitter as a boxing ring. After being labelled as a “50K earner”, Crysto Panda did not take it lightly and has hit back.

“I have grown from nothing to something. I know my worth. Jokes aside, If you were paid 50k hun, I am paid more than you per show. Facts. NTV has given me a platform. I can organize my shows such as Pandaturnup; Mcee , artist. I am grateful,” Panda responded to Sheila’s attacks on NTV and its presenters.


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