VIDEO; You Are Blaming Me For Abandoning Clever J, But You Also Did, Jose Chameleon To Fans.

Legendary super star Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleon has today come to his defense against fans who are blaming him for abandoning his cousin brother and fellow artiste Clever J. The singer said that he is not the only one to blame because every one seems to have abandoned him, fans inclusive. "Ugandans are blaming me for abandoning Clever J, but you also did, you guys welcome many artistes that are not even talented forgetting an icon that has done great music for the country, " he said.

However, Clever J and Chameleon have already hit the studios to record their first collaboration. "You asked for a collabo, here it is, " Clever J excitingly said. The "manzi wa nani" singer also affirmed that he will be holding a concert very soon dubbed ' Legend Gwanga Mujje' with the help of the legendary Jose Chameleon.

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